Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Post Call, My Thoughts

Here's the post: http://redstatemoron.typepad.com/red_state_moron/2005/05/post_call_.html

RSM asks why are we treated the worst, even though the whole thing depends on our labor?

I'll tell you why, RSM:Because the whole system has been set up to take advantage of your goodness, your skills, your compassion, your education, your committment to doing the right thing.
Lawyers wouldn't do it. Bankers would just laugh. But you're expected to do the work you do, without the help you need, without anyone really caring at all about your needs, your sanity, or even honestly your effectiveness in your job. (The same people who administrate the system that demands you work these hours will be the first to point their fingers at you when there's a "mistake" and say you should have known you were too tired to work. Or whatever they say.)
They are taking advantage of your character - they know that you'll do whatever it takes to get the job done right, even without the support you *ought* to have, because you care too much not too. You're a hostage to your own moral code.
It's why you make less money per hour than people in other professions with comparable education, and why you're sued but still agree to work. Because you care too much about doing the right thing, instead of the profitable thing.
Doctor Disgruntled

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