Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Where I was when everything changed.

Thanks, Dr. Charles (www.drcharles.blogspot.com) for inspiring me to write this:

9/11: I was at the office when the news came in over the radio. We went to the roof of the building (50 stories) and looked south, and with my own eyes I saw the WTC on fire, huge clouds of smoke everywhere. While we were up there, someone with a radio said "They hit the Pentagon," and I realized even more than before, that things were deeply, deeply, wrong.

I went to the ER, waited for casualties that never came in. I went home and hugged my wife, who was crying because a few of her friends, thirty year old financial analysts who worked in the Towers, couldn't be found. They never would be. I went back out to the ER. Still no casualties. I went home again. What else could we do? A day later, I went to Bellevue, where my med school buddies were running the trauma service - nothing to do there except look at a wall a mile long, with paper flyers showing the smiling faces of a thousand people who would never come home. Same thing at St. Vincent's, about as close as you could still get to Ground Zero at that time.
!#$& murderous savages. Death is too good for them. There won't ever be enough vengeance for me.

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