Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ron Paul's alien supporters

I am generally sympathetic to libertarianism, although I have a broad view of the legitimacy of pre-emptive violence in self-defense and am NOT an isolationist. But reading a discussion about the RonPaulian craziness and seeing his devoted supporters spam all of these online polls gave me an idea for a label for all those types:


As in, "Captain! There are Ronulan warships off the port bow! Fire photon torpedoes!"


Update: 9/7/07. I googled "Ronulan." There are about two billion hits for that already. I'm an idiot. Or a really clever but slow person. So let's call it "independent discovery," then. Ack. DD

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Overlawyering? OH REALLY?

Via instapundit: From JACK GOLDSMITH'S book, The Terror Presidency: Law and Judgment Inside the Bush Administration:

"In my two years in the government, I witnessed top officials and bureaucrats in the White House and throughout the administration openly worrying that investigators acting with the benefit of hindsight in a different political environment would impose criminal penalties on heat-of-battle judgment calls. These men and women did not believe they were breaking the law, and indeed they took extraordinary steps to ensure that they didn't. But they worried nonetheless because they would be judged in an atmosphere different from when they acted, because the criminal investigative process is mysterious and scary, because lawyers' fees can cause devastating financial losses, and because an investigation can produce reputation-ruining dishonor and possibly end one's career, even if you emerge "innocent."

Doc Disgruntled says....OOOOOOOOHhhhhhhhhh, REEEEEEEEALLLLY?

*92% of New York Ob/Gyns have been sued at least once.
*44% of New York Ob/Gyns report FOUR OR MORE CLAIMS against them in their career.
*51% of New York Ob/Gyns were sued at least once DURING THEIR RESIDENCY. (source: pdf of ACOG district II 2007 press release)

Doctors also find themselves judged in a different atmosphere, in an investigative process that is mysterious and scary, with high lawyer's fees (in our case, malpractice insurance premiums, recently increased 12% in NYS and now reaching as much as $180,000/yr- so 70 deliveries just to pay for your insurance), and under the threat of reputation-ruining dishonor even if you "win." I just hope the anti-terrorism guys don't quit the way ob/gyns seem to be...we really need them.


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